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  • Albridge

    Subregion: [[Harkenwold]] / [[Nentir Vale]] Region: [[High Forest]] / The Savage Frontier Continent: Faerun Population: 180 Races: Humans, halflings, dwarfs Import: Export: Government: Defense: [[Albridge maps and views]]

  • Harkenwold

    [[File:500806 | class=media-item-align-none | High_Forest_-_Nentir_Vale_-_Harkenwold.jpg]] Half a dozen small villages lie along the upper vales of the White River. Together, they make up the Barony of Harkenwold—a tiny realm whose total population is …

  • Harken

    A small village nestled near the White River, along the old King’s Road in the southeast corner of the Nentir Vale. Subregion: Nentir Vale Region: High Forest / The Savage Frontier Continent: Faerun Population: 210 + 60 in the keep Races: …

  • Harken maps and views

    [[File:500818 | class=media-item-align-none | High_Forest_-_Nentir_Vale_-_Harken.jpg]] 1. The Broken Gaol Once a respected taphouse named the Silver Nail, this tavern has been adopted by the Iron Circle garrison as a favored off-hours drinking spot …