Harken maps and views


1. The Broken Gaol
Once a respected taphouse named the Silver Nail, this tavern has been adopted by the Iron Circle garrison as a favored off-hours drinking spot. An opportunistic half-orc woman named Krutha runs the place since the bandits chased off the Silver Nail’s former owner. On most nights, a dozen or more Iron Circle ruffians gather here to drink and harass any travelers unwise enough to stop in.

The taphouse used to be a respected taphouse known to be an excellent pub and grub, a favorite of traveling merchants and adventurers.

2. Iron Keep
Formerly the castle of Baron Jonn Stockmer, Iron Keep now serves as the headquarters of Nazin Redthorn and the Iron Circle. About 60 Iron Circle soldiers are here at any given time (rough 120 more patrol other parts of Harkenwold). The Baron is being held prisoner within the jails inside is own keep.

3. Cliffside Brewery
The three Ironbeards — brothers Omurk and Dannurk, and Dannurk’s notoriously short-tempered wife Dathilda — run this fine brewery. This brewery not only brews its own ales but also sells its product to taverns in Fallcrest and Winterhaven.

They are good friends with the smith Kathrid in Albridge and quietly sympathetic to the rebel cause.

4. Old Kellar’s House
Once the elder of Harken, Kellar is an ancient dwarf who worked as a master stonecutter and mason for a century. He built much of Baron Stockmer’s keep.

5. Grimbold’s House
Grimbold and his family are shifters. They keep to themselves, making a living as woodcutters and trappers. Grimbold knows the woodlands around Harken quite well. He keeps his eyes open for folk on the run from the Iron Circle and helps them any way he can.

6.Tower of Green Flame
A mysterious crystal spire rising above the town, this tower is thought to be the residence of an ancient archmage who long ago departed the world to explore other planes. Townfolk avoid the place for the most part, fearing arcane traps or curses. Of the few explorers brave enough to venture inside, more than one has disappeared and the rest found the place empty – three small, unfurnished floors with nothing but dust and bird nests. On moonless nights, eerie green phosphorescence plays about the tower’s upper floors.

7. Harkenwold Trading Station
The major mercantile outlet in Harken, the Trading Station is owned by a stout, oily little man named Rennis. *An informer for Nazin Redthorn, Rennis gathers rumors for his master as he travels about in so-called “trading ventures.” Depending on his audience, the sneak readily claims to be spying on the Iron Circle for the rebel cause. Most mundane equipment is available for purchase in the Trading Station, and Rennis won’t hesitate to warn Nazin about groups of competent-looking, heavily armed strangers loitering about town.

8. House of Faith
A large temple built by an adventuring cleric of yore, the House of Faith has seen better days. Shrines dedicated to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis, and Sehanine stand inside. The current prelate is a kindly middle-aged woman named Sister Sondal. Nazin Redthorn has levied a ruinous tax against the temple, which Sondal has little hope of paying.

9. Nonnie’s Place
The doughty halfling Nonnie Farwhere runs a small inn with a kitchen and common room. While not a proper inn, it’s the closest thing to one you’ll find in whole of the Harkenwold. “Aunt Nonnie” is something of a gossip and busybody, but she minds her tongue around the Iron Circle soldiers. Nonnie charges 5 silver pieces a night for room and board.

Harken maps and views

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