A small village nestled near the White River, along the old King’s Road in the southeast corner of the Nentir Vale.

Subregion: Nentir Vale
Region: High Forest / The Savage Frontier
Continent: Faerun

Population: 210 + 60 in the keep
Races: Humans, halflings, dwarfs


Government: The human noble Jonn Stockmer is the baron of Harkenwold. He oversees justice, defense, and laws within the six villages and surrounding countryside that makes up the Harkenwold. The baron appoints village elders to help with the daily governing of the Harkenwold. One of the town elders is called Old Kellar, an ancient and respected dwarf.

Defense: 30 able-bodied warriors can be raised from the population + 150 militia from Harkenwold

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